​​Lunch Menu
Fried Oysters old bay aioli, pickled veggies 10

Soup of the Momenthousemade stock, seasonal ingredients 5 cup, 7 bowl
Maryland Crab Soup our take on the traditional  7 cup, 10 bowl
Fried Green Tomatoes pimento cheese, arugula, buttermilk scallion dressing 8


Chopped Salad tomatoes, blue cheese, applewood smoked bacon, hard-boiled egg, sherry shallot vinaigrette 12
Spinach & Arugula Salad roasted beets, citrus segments, goat cheese, lemon vinaigrette 9, 12
Caesar Salad romaine, parmesano-reggiano cheese, rustic croutons 7, 11 add white anchovies 1.5
add to any salad: organic chicken breast 6, fried oysters 6, flat iron steak 9, salmon 9

Seasonal Omelette house salad 10, substitute egg whites 2
Lunch Tacos pickled jalapeños, salsa fresca, crema, coleslaw 14
Fish & Chips cod filet, french fries, coleslaw, malt vinegar aioli 17
Mussels & Frites garlic, white wine, shallots, fines herbes, creme fraiche, malt vinegar aioli 15
Select Two or Three cup of soup, caesar salad, house salad, half sandwich 10.5, 14.5
substitute maryland crab soup 3, enjoy a full sandwich 3

Sandwiches & Burgers

Grilled Chicken Sandwich lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles 13
The Dram Grilled Cheese cheddar, bacon jam, jalapeño cheddar bread 12
House Smoked Beef Brisket Sandwich cheddar, bbq sauce, pickled jalapeños, grilled bread 14
French Green Lentil Burger lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, garlic mayo 11
Bacon Pimento Cheese Fried Green Tomato Burger 16
Angus Beef Cheeseburger cheddar, swiss or pimento, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, special sauce 12.5
pickled jalapenos, old bay aioli, malt vinegar aioli, salsa fresca .50
sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, local goat cheese, blue cheese, fried egg 1.5; applewood smoked bacon 2

sandwiches and burgers come with your choice of one of the following: coleslaw, french fries, house salad
substitute cup of seasonal soup or caesar salad 2, maryland crab soup 3

sandwiches and burgers come with a choice of: coleslaw, french fries or house salad

french fries 5, garlic spinach 5, grilled asparagus 6, haricots verts 6, house salad 4, cole slaw 4

Enjoy a rotating selection of our selection of our housemade desserts.